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11 - 12 June, 2019

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Sales Beyond A Product Benchmarking Report

Interactive digital marketing is advancing in leaps and bounds. Often, the average buyer finds themselves deep into the purchase decision before engaging with a supplier sales representative. In the current medical buying landscape, it’s critical that customers can have meaningful and engaging interactions with sales reps when the time comes. Leading up to MedForce, we surveyed 100 Heads of Sales from some of Europe’s top companies in the medical device industry to find out more about how they’re adapting to the shifting landscape of medical buying.

How to Boost Sales in the New Regulatory Environment

For over a decade, reducing patient costs and improving patient care in the healthcare industry have been a national priority, on the forefront of political and social discourse. As a result, the creation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 transitioned healthcare providers from a pay-for-service healthcare model to a pay-for-performance model. Key topics include:Taking a hard look at regulationsIdentifying stakeholdersMarketing & Sales relationshipsA holistic model approachClick the image on the left to download now!

Commercial excellence in the Medical Device Industry - What do the experts think?

We spoke to our expert speaker panel to find out what they plan to present at MedForce and what they consider to be the most exciting developments within commercial excellence in 2017. Find out what you could learn by attending the conference next month - hear exclusive insights from Medtronic, Hartmann, Getinge and more… Click here to download the report to get these expert opinions!

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