MedForce Europe 2020

20 - 21 October, 2020

Hotel Palace, Berlin

MedForce Europe 2020 Blog

How Cardinal Health is Creating a Holistic Content Strategy

The core around which Cardinal Health’s content strategy is built is a subsection of its website dubbed Essential Insights. This mini site serves as a content hub through which all Cardinal Health’s articles can be accessed.

How Philips' Market Intelligence Strategy is Helping to Drive Sales

The platform uses a combination of in-house artificial intelligence analysis and human relevance screening, classifying billions of online documents and continuously improving its capabilities through data enhancement.

How Simiens Uses B2C Marketing Tactics To Reach New B2B Audiences

A powerhouse in the MedTech industry, Siemens felt its traditional image was growing outdated, and wanted to take steps to overhaul that perception. The new ethos extends to the brand’s social media marketing as well.

3 Techniques MedTech Companies Use To Fight Market Stagnation

Price erosion is a challenge for the MedTech industry and there is no simple one size fits all fix to combat it. However, by offering unique premium products, rethinking the way technical support is bundled with purchases.

How GE Healthcare Humanized Their B2B Marketing Strategy

Key to GE Healthcare’s philosophy is the idea that companies should move away from B2B or B2C marketing as concepts and instead focus on the common factor which exists in both arenas – people.

Johnson & Johnson is Combining Behavioural Science and Technology to Help Patients Recovering from Surgery

The Health Partner supports pre and post-recovery patients physically and emotionally with three interconnected digital tools.

How Medtronic’s MiniMed Device is Making Life Sweeter for People with Diabetes

Managing diabetes is a constant challenge for sufferers. However, with its innovative new devices, Medtronic is looking to make living with this debilitating condition a little easier.

Discover How Phillips Revolutionised Care on the Front Lines with a Breakthrough in Ultrasound Devices

There are few groups of people who have a greater need for innovative medical solutions than those serving in the armed forces, which is why Philips is launching breakthrough technology to make military healthcare even more effective.